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New Construction

Often times the question comes up about whether or not to purchase a home inspection on new construction.

The builder inspects the property several times during the building process and the buyer schedules a walk thru prior to closing. If the buyer does not find all of the items in the walk thru, typically those items will be fixed at

the 1 year mark.


Below are a few pictures from new construction inspections. Imagine that you are at the walk thru, extremely excited about the purchase of your brand new home. You’re measuring for furniture and choosing which walls to paint. Would you have found these items at the same time? Some things may be obvious, some things not so much. Would you feel good about living with the condition of these things if you did not find them? The answer to the question is the only way to determine if a home inspection on your new construction property is right for you.

We also recommend an 11 Month Warranty Inspection. The new home builder typically provides a 1-year warranty and before the warranty expires we will inspect your home to address any defects or issues. Depending on the terms of your warranty, the builder may be obligated to provide assistance with repair expenses. 

Faucet fixtures not 

properly installed

Gap between flooring

and railing left un-repaired

House numbers installed behind

the porch railing

Multiple nail holes not repaired

Dirt and debris left

in the sump pump

Mirror was not attached square

above the mirror

Structural Issues

The buyers were so excited about the layout and landscaping of this home that they returned to this property four times with family members to share their excitement. At the last minute, they decided to have the property inspected.

Upon inspection we noticed this structural crack that was visible in the wall of the basement foundation. Had the buyers not purchased a home inspection, they would have incurred costs totaling more than $12,000 for repairs. 

This was found in the first half hour of the inspection, the buyers immediately consulted with their real estate agent and decided not to purchase the property. Because a full inspection was not needed, they were charged a minimal fee.

Patio Imperfection

At first glance everything looked fine. New concrete patio and a new AC unit, you wouldn't think there would have been any issue on this scraped and rebuilt home. Upon inspection however, it was noted that the rain water was not draining property. The buyers were assured by the builder that all was well. Our inspector was not convinced and explained that the standing water (causing the stain in the picture) was an indication of improper drainage.

The city of Denver was actually called back and forced the builder to completely remove and replace the patio with proper drainage totaling approx $8000 in replacement costs.


Mold Remediation

This little patch of mold was tucked away towards the back of the attic and was not visible from the access door. If the inspector had not crawled up into the attic to take a look around this mold would not have been found. Upon inspection, a mold remediation company was called in to remove and clear the area. Approx cost of repairs were $4500.


Every home inspection is unique to the property and no two are alike. Some houses have major component issues while others have minor cosmetic issues, and some have everything in-between. It is impossible to know how much you might save in future costs for repairs or what you will be able to negotiate with the seller if they know and understand the health and safety concerns. There is not a price you can put on making sure you are purchasing a safe and structurally sound home. However, the peace of mind you will gain in the process of learning all about your new home is priceless.

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